[Users] RTPProxy and SER, Multiple Interface Server

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Mon Jan 8 13:49:03 CET 2007

Gerardo Amaya wrote:
> Hello All. After investigating quite a while about this issue I'm kind 
> of desperate now, I will appreciate your help on this.
> I have a OpenSER Server with multiple interfaces, I'm able to handle all 
> the SIP packets with the multi homed enabled. Now the part that I'm 
> having real trouble with is the RTP audio streams. After struggling with 
> MediaProxy I finally started using RTPProxy for this, since it has 
> bridge mode available. Now the problem is that I have more than one 
> network to connect audio from, so the internal and external 
> configuration is not enough for me. So my questions are:
> 1.-Can I have RTPProxy Bridge mode working for all the interfaces in my 
> server?

AFAIK rtpproxy only support 1 WAN und 1LAN interface.

> 2.-Can I have more than one RTPProxy socket available for each of the 
> multiple interfaces I'm connecting in order to have the audio working, 
> so each route will use the proxy of their own network?

This is IMO a good idea, because it would bypass issue #1.

But AFAIK the nathelper module only supports one rtpproxy.

> 3.-If #2 is true, is this where the force_socket and force_rtp_proxy 
> functions play a role in my configuration?

force_socket is only to force a certain local socket to use when using 
UDP connections between nathelper and rtpproxy.

to overcome issue 1 and 2 you can try setup a second openser which 
communicates with the seconds rtpproxy over a different rtpproxy_sock.

nevertheless it would be a hack :-)


> Please help!!
> Thanks you so much in advance
> Gerardo Amaya
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Klaus Darilion

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