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Daniel-Constantin Mierla daniel at voice-system.ro
Mon Jan 29 10:16:59 CET 2007


On 01/29/07 10:27, Ahsen wrote:
> Hello !
>  I have an problem with the SER ..therefore I want to install the
> OpenSER, but before I install it I want to know whether it can solve my
> problem or not.
> I got an shell script which starts a java application , there are no
> problem with it. But when I start the script with SERs exec module
> (exec_msg() ) the java application does not support german charset and
> replaces german spellings with "?". The problem do not occur when I
> start the shell script manually. I have testet a lot of thinks but the
> problem still exists.
> So can someone tell whether he/she has such a problem with OpenSER or
> not or have an idea how I can solve the problem with SER ?
> If not I would try out OpenSER !
I think the problem is somewhere in the java application. There must be 
a way to set the character set there. What can bring openser devel 
version to help you writing Java applications for VoIP is the WeSIP SIP 
Servlet application server http:www.wesip.eu with the seas module from 

Note that this requires development version of openser. FYI, in 
addition, this version includes another way to write external 
applications, via the new module 'perl' 
(http://www.openser.org/docs/modules/1.2.x/perl.html), that allows one 
to write extensions in perl and execute them inside openser -- you can 
access structures and functions from openser, in a similar way of AGI 
interface for asterisk.


> thanks
> Ahsen
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