[Users] want to try out openSER

Ahsen ahsen at web.de
Mon Jan 29 09:27:02 CET 2007

Hello !

 I have an problem with the SER ..therefore I want to install the
OpenSER, but before I install it I want to know whether it can solve my
problem or not.
I got an shell script which starts a java application , there are no
problem with it. But when I start the script with SERs exec module
(exec_msg() ) the java application does not support german charset and
replaces german spellings with "?". The problem do not occur when I
start the shell script manually. I have testet a lot of thinks but the
problem still exists.

So can someone tell whether he/she has such a problem with OpenSER or
not or have an idea how I can solve the problem with SER ?

If not I would try out OpenSER !



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