[Users] Re: No memory left errors and Private Memory Size

Max Gregorian gregorian442 at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 2 14:09:52 CET 2007

Ok I just spotted this other link about memory errors, but my original
questions about private memory size still stand as I am not sure if I need
to do both (http://openser.org/dokuwiki/doku.php/troubleshooting:memory).

On 02/01/07, Max Gregorian <gregorian442 at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Firstly, Happy New Year to all,
> I am seeing quite a few of these memory errors in the openser log file: *build_contact():
> No memory left*. These seem to be occurring when the UA tries to register
> with Openser. In the last instance I saw, this lasted almost half an hour
> before clearing up.
> So I guess what I am trying to find out really is:
> 1. Is this related to the Private memory size issue I remember reading
> about a while ago? I am using Openser 1.0.1 and so far have not messed
> with the default memory size settings from the sources I downloaded.
> The link on the Openser website about increasing Private memory seems to
> imply that this could be what is producing these errors. (I refer to this
> link -
> http://openser.org/dokuwiki/doku.php/troubleshooting:private-memory-size).
> 2. Also, if I really have to increase the private memory, I would like to
> know how to go about it. Since I already have openser installed and the
> server is already in use, do I have to wipe the server and partitions and
> re-install the modified Openser or is there an easier way? Can I just
> recompile the sources and re-install openser over the previous one and get
> it to overwrite the existing directory (without experiencing any problems
> with left over files)?
> 3. How much Private memory is enough to stop these errors? For example,
> for a system with 1GB of installed RAM should it be using say 768MB?
> 4. Finally, can anyone tell me the difference between *private memory* and
> *share memory* in this context? The only difference I am aware of is to do
> with, for example, shared graphics memory (e.g. for onboard graphics cards
> on some systems which use up some amount of installed physical RAM memory
> instead of their own onboard graphics memory). Is this the same thing?
> Sorry if some of these questions sound a bit basic but I'm coming from a
> Windows background.
> Thanks in advance.
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