[Users] No memory left errors and Private Memory Size

Max Gregorian gregorian442 at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 2 12:12:25 CET 2007

Firstly, Happy New Year to all,

I am seeing quite a few of these memory errors in the openser log
file: *build_contact():
No memory left*. These seem to be occurring when the UA tries to register
with Openser. In the last instance I saw, this lasted almost half an hour
before clearing up.

So I guess what I am trying to find out really is:

1. Is this related to the Private memory size issue I remember reading about
a while ago? I am using Openser 1.0.1 and so far have not messed with the
default memory size settings from the sources I downloaded.

The link on the Openser website about increasing Private memory seems to
imply that this could be what is producing these errors. (I refer to this
link -

2. Also, if I really have to increase the private memory, I would like to
know how to go about it. Since I already have openser installed and the
server is already in use, do I have to wipe the server and partitions and
re-install the modified Openser or is there an easier way? Can I just
recompile the sources and re-install openser over the previous one and get
it to overwrite the existing directory (without experiencing any problems
with left over files)?

3. How much Private memory is enough to stop these errors? For example,
for a system with 1GB of installed RAM should it be using say 768MB?

4. Finally, can anyone tell me the difference between *private memory*
and *share
memory* in this context? The only difference I am aware of is to do with,
for example, shared graphics memory (e.g. for onboard graphics cards on some
systems which use up some amount of installed physical RAM memory instead of
their own onboard graphics memory). Is this the same thing?

Sorry if some of these questions sound a bit basic but I'm coming from a
Windows background.

Thanks in advance.
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