[Serusers] Usrloc performance

Michal Matyska michal at iptel.org
Fri Mar 10 10:39:24 CET 2006

This seems to me quite understandable, the time is consumed while locating the
usrloc entry. Try to change the "SEQUENTIAL" order to "RANDOM" in the
SIPP injection file, I suppose you'd then get what you expected, equal CPU
usage during all the time the test runs. If not, please post it again.


On Fri, Mar 10, 2006 at 09:57:36AM +0200, Teemu Harju wrote:
> Hi!
> I posted about this same subject to openser mailing list already, but since
> I haven't had response from there I'll try here. I guess the usrloc module
> and the core functionality is quite the same with ser and openser.
> I've been running some performance tests on my OpenSER box and while
> registering large number of users I faced some very strange problems. At
> least they seem strange to me, but I hope someone on this list would be able
> to shed some light on this.
> So, I use Openser 1.0.1 and I load test it using SIPp. I've done tests
> creating about 1000 registrations per second registering 300k-450k different
> users. Register rate is constat and for each register different user is
> used. What is strange to me that just about when 300k users have registered
> the CPU of the PC running the proxy hits 100% usage and messages start
> dropping. I made a nice image to illustrate my problem using Excel. Check it
> at http://www.teemuharju.net/wp-images/register_300k_users_at_1000rps.png.
> On this test I registered 300k different users at 1000 RPS and after
> registering those users the registering starts again from the beginning. As
> you can see from it the CPU usage rises constantly and drops immediately
> after I've registered 300k users and the registering starts again from the
> start. So then each user is being registered all over again, but still the
> CPU load grows. Does anyone have explanation for this? Why does the CPU
> usage grow based on the number of users registered? And why does it drop for
> a while when registering starts all over again? I've tried different usrloc
> modes, but there seems to be no difference. This one was done with having
> usrloc only in the memory. Shouldn't the CPU usage at constant register
> rate, be somewhat constant also? Has anyone else noticed the same problem?
> Could this be somehow explained or do I have something wrong with my system?
> Regards,
> Teemu
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> Teemu Harju
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