[Serusers] Newbie question: Registration problem

VIDOVIC Mato Mato.VIDOVIC at frequentis.com
Thu Jul 20 09:46:46 CEST 2006

Hi folks!

It is couple of days I am struggling with a problem to get SER up and
I want to run it under SUSE 10.1 in the first instance simply without MySQL,
RADIUS etc. - I am using the SER distribution 0.9.6.

To my problem: actually, I can start SER and I get the information as
Listening on
             udp: []:5060
             udp: []:5060
             tcp: []:5060
             tcp: []:5060
             tcp: localhost:5060
             udp: localhost:5060

The locally started client X-lite registers with SER  without a problem
(command  ./serctl alias show confirms this).
However, it is the only one who registers - all other (HW phone snom360 and
other soft clients on other machine) send their REGISTER
messages, but there is no answer from SER (and no ICMP messages from the
machine, what is normal and OK!).
In the ethereal trace it may be seen that SIP REGISTER messages are coming to
the machine and there is no answer.

I would appreciate any hint where I can look to see the problem.

Best regards,

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