R: R: R: [Serusers] SER with 2 ethernet + PSTN gateway: RTPPROXY bridge mode conf

Atle Samuelsen clona at cyberhouse.no
Tue Jul 18 19:24:31 CEST 2006

Hi Greger, 

* Greger V. Teigre <greger at teigre.com> [060718 19:11]:
> AFAIK, no. But I cannot really see how such a scenario can easily be unambiguous?  What do you want to do with three interfaces?  Three subnets terminated on your SER server?!  You can probably set up 
> multiple rtpproxies, but you still have a problem in making one ser talk to more than one...

I have´nt really followed this tread, but ser can use more then one
rtpproxy. Because, you can loadbalanse with rtpproxy useing the
(atleast) cvshead nathelper module.

just remember to make sure you dont mix up what signalling goes via what
proxy :)

(Ps, see under for explination from nathelper.c)


 * 2005-12-23   Support for selecting particular RTP proxy node has been
 *              In force_rtp_proxy() it can be done via new N modifier,
 *              by the index (starting at 0) of the node in the
 *              parameter. For example, in the example above
force_rtp_proxy("N1") will
 *              will select node udp: In
unforce_rtp_proxy(), the same
 *              can be done by specifying index as an argument directly,
 *              unforce_rtp_proxy(1).
 *              Since nathelper is not transaction or call stateful,
care should be
 *              taken to ensure that force_rtp_proxy() in request path
 *              force_rtp_proxy() in reply path, that is the same node
is selected.

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