R: R: R: [Serusers] SER with 2 ethernet + PSTN gateway: RTPPROXY bridge mode conf

Greger V. Teigre greger at teigre.com
Tue Jul 18 17:54:37 CEST 2006

Fabio Macchi wrote:
> Greger, you are right, I was too generic, anyway your "not sensible 
> help" was unvaluable: it focus me to the onreply route that I forgot 
> to consider before.
> I was missing the parameters "FA" in force_rtp_proxy() and this was 
> the cause of missing RTP connection.
> Now everything is working as expected.
Excellent! :-)
> Just two generic questions on rtpproxy to understand a little more:
> -          is it possible to extend this configuration from two 
> interface to multiple interfaces ( I mean something like rtpproxy --l 
> x.x.x.246/ ) ?
AFAIK, no. But I cannot really see how such a scenario can easily be 
unambiguous?  What do you want to do with three interfaces?  Three 
subnets terminated on your SER server?!  You can probably set up 
multiple rtpproxies, but you still have a problem in making one ser talk 
to more than one...
> -          when I was debbuging, I tried to start rtpproxy with --f 
> option and I expected output directly on terminal, but I didn't obtain 
> any output: is the output redirected to a specific file ? am I 
> misunderstanding the use of that option ?'
stderr should be target. However, you may want to edit rtpp_defines.h 
and set LOG_LEVEL to RTPP_LOG_DBUG and recompile to get maximum of 
messages. Default you only get warnings, errors, and critical messages, 
not informational or debug messages.

> Anyway, many thanks for your support.
Just a pleasure ;-)

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