[Serusers] problem with t_relay_to

Greger V. Teigre greger at teigre.com
Sun Jul 16 12:01:01 CEST 2006

I'm not sure it this is helpful, but be careful with alias=myipaddress 
in your configs when you have several SERs on one server.
SER uses the listen and alias directives to build an understanding of 
local targets, and I have seen all sorts of weird behavior when I have 
the local IP as an alias.

Luis Silva wrote:
> Hi all!!
> I'm using the t_relay_to() function from the tm module but I'm having 
> problems sending the message to the port that I want.
> I have in my cenario a proxy server(port:5062) that relays the message 
> to another ser server that as the listening port 5063. Both ser 
> servers are on the same machine, but has you can see, in different ports.
> I'm using t_relay_to("5063","") for relaying the message, 
> but instead of going to port 5063 the message goes to the port 5060 
> where I have another server.
> What might be the problem? Can you help? tks a lot
> Regards, Luis
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