[Serusers] Re: SER database sharing

Andreas Granig andreas.granig at inode.info
Fri Jul 14 16:23:55 CEST 2006

Greger V. Teigre wrote:
> Don't take me wrong. Your setup sounds very robust and well thought-out 
> to me.  I just pointed out that for small-scale setups (like an SMB or 
> enterprise installation), one might want to find a setup involing fewer 
> components and thus reduce the number of areas competence is required.

I won't take you wrong ;o)
Just wanted to point out that with today's ser/openser it's absolutely 
possible to also deploy large scale systems (opposed to, say, a year ago)...

Of course it's always a matter of what you currently need, how big you 
plan to grow, and how much time/money you are willing to invest...


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