R: [Serusers] SER with 2 ethernet + PSTN gateway: RTPPROXY bridge mode conf

Greger V. Teigre greger at teigre.com
Fri Jul 14 12:31:33 CEST 2006


Fabio Macchi wrote:
> Greger, thanks for you answer, it helped to place order in my confused 
> ideas.
Confusion at a higher level, that's what we all are striving for!!
> About the bug you mentionated,  has it been fixed in the cvs stable 
> branch ( rel_0_8_14 , currently I have upgraded to this release ) or I 
> have to install the main unstable branch ?
Yuo should at least download 0.9.x.
I think the fix is only in cvs head, but I'm not sure. Does anybody 
know?  I think Jan did the fix.
> I've sniffed a call from the SER interface connected to the GW: it 
> appears that the entire SIP negotiation on this side ( I mean source 
> IP address of UDP packet ) is between the GW ip ( x.x.x.243 ) and the 
> SER IP assigned to the other interface ( ) but, if I'm not 
> wrong, I expected a SER UDP source address x.x.x.246 .  Is this the 
> problem ?  May it depends from the mentionated bug ?
Well, if SER is running on two interfaces as well (and not only one 
public IP), then you need to turn on multihoming (mhome=yes) and you 
should probably turn on double record routing as well (see rr README)
There's also another command in 0.9x where you can actually force a 
given interface. I have never used it.


> After successfully SIP negotiation, I see RTP packet from GW -> 
> rtpProxy  ( x.x.x.244 -> x.x.x.246 ) and from client -> rtpproxy ( 
> -> ), but rtpproxy is not bridging packets between 
> the two interfaces.
> Another question: is there any documentation about the use of 
> force_rtp_proxy options more complete then nathelper README ?
> That document only mentionate force_rtp_proxy("FI") and 
> force_rtp_proxy("FE") ( hope this is correct in this case ), but in 
> many example I see force_rtp_proxy("FII") or force_rtp_proxy("FIE") 
> and I don't understand the double option.
Not that I know of.  However, I searched through my archives and found a 
message with a working bridge scenario. For some reason, I don't think 
it was put at onsip.org. With the upcoming new iptel.org site, adding 
how-tos will be much easier for everybody :-)
Meanwhile, I'll forward the message to the list.
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