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Fri Jul 14 11:54:01 CEST 2006

Good list :-)  We have plans for upgrading the config files to 
SER head. The test server has head running right now. However, 
we have been stalled a bit as we are working on a new web site presence 
for SER (at This new site will have excellent possibilities 
for small and large contributions. We are also planning to remove the 
module documentation from the code repository and make the web version 

sip wrote:
> Cool.  I think, at least in the meantime, it might be a good idea to break
> this up into sections to make it easier to manage. 
> Things that have changed since 0.9.x: 
> -Requirements? (Doesn't look like it for the basic stuff, but I imagine
> someone might want to say something about possible additional requirements
> that might be needed for presence, should it become more integrated (Vaclav?))
> -Config file syntax changes (changes in the config that would have to be made
> to make a 0.9.x config most likely work on a 0.10.x server)
> -Config file syntax additions (any of the new stuff... like the @variables and
> how they're used and how they CAN be used)
> -DB changes (again, things that would have to be changed from a 0.9.x config
> to a 0.10.x config)
> -DB additions (anything that's additional in the DB that wouldn't fit into the
> above category)
> -Command-line changes (changes to the command-line tools and how they work)
> -Module changes (like how one would replace an acc module that's logging to
> radius, /var/log/messages, AND the db simultaneously with the new modules...
> or even if they can all be used in tandem, etc, etc...   any new modules that
> exist, any old modules that have been deprecated and their replacements if any). 
> -Module API changes(this is a VERY important section, but might be the most
> complex...  things that have changed in the actual coding of modules since the
> 0.9.x code. I know that I, for one, have several custom modules to handle one
> thing or another, and it would be nice to know how to migrate it to the new
> format)
> -Misc changes (anything that doesn't fit into the above categories, or might,
> but no one knows where to put it). 
> Do we need a Wiki of some sort to track these changes? It might help to have
> one available so that everyone can fill things out as they run into issues
> (since we all have our own special configs and issues and modules). 
> N.
> On Wed, 12 Jul 2006 19:40:37 +0200, Jiri Kuthan wrote
>> That's true. There have been massive changes, for good reasons, and 
>> these are by now unfortunately undocumented. I'm looking forward to 
>> folks willing to contribute to documentation effort. If there are 
>> volunteers, please approach me.
>> There was recently a book on Asterisk and SER0.9, whose authors we 
>> tried to find in the hope they may allocate time to this effort so 
>> far not succesfully. If you are on the list, please contact me.
>> -jiri
>> At 15:17 12/07/2006, sip wrote:
>>> Is anyone working on a document to show the steps required to upgrade from SER
>>> 0.9.x to SER 0.10.x? There appear to be MASSIVE changes to the structure of
>>> the DB as well as to the way the config is handled in some areas. Serctl has
>>> vanished and been replaced with three programs (a bit of a step backward
>>> there, but I'm assuming they'll be reintegrated into one solid command at some
>>> point), acc has vanished and been replaced with three modules (another step
>>> backward in usability/readability, but I'm sure there was a reason for it
>>> somewhere), etc. 
>>> It would be nice if all the changes one would have to make in order to go from
>>> a 0.9.x release to a 0.10.x release were listed somewhere (in one place,
>>> please... not in three separate files ;) ). 
>>> Is this being worked on, or is this something we should start to compile for
>>> the good of those who come after? :)
>>> N.
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