[Serusers] Upgrade documentation

sip sip at arcdiv.com
Wed Jul 12 15:17:07 CEST 2006

Is anyone working on a document to show the steps required to upgrade from SER
0.9.x to SER 0.10.x? There appear to be MASSIVE changes to the structure of
the DB as well as to the way the config is handled in some areas. Serctl has
vanished and been replaced with three programs (a bit of a step backward
there, but I'm assuming they'll be reintegrated into one solid command at some
point), acc has vanished and been replaced with three modules (another step
backward in usability/readability, but I'm sure there was a reason for it
somewhere), etc. 

It would be nice if all the changes one would have to make in order to go from
a 0.9.x release to a 0.10.x release were listed somewhere (in one place,
please... not in three separate files ;) ). 

Is this being worked on, or is this something we should start to compile for
the good of those who come after? :)


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