[Serusers] How to send PSTN CALLs to a NATED PSTN GW?

Alberto Cruz acruz at tekbrain.com
Tue Jul 11 17:21:59 CEST 2006

Yes the GW registers itself with my SER server.

According to your tip I have the following:
My GW is registered at location as
domain    : 'location'
aor       : '5527350900'
Contact   : 'sip:5527350900 at'
Expires   : 761
q         :
Call-ID   : 'E1A37F8C-2BE711D6-8020EB34-A0107B2E'

Do you mean I could have the following block at my ser.cfg:
        if ((uri=~"sip:001[1-9][0-9]{9}@.*")) {
                rewriteuri("sip:5527360900 at mysipdomain");
                avp_write("i:45", "inv_timeout");

And it's all?


Alberto Cruz

Greger V. Teigre wrote:

> You mean the GW registers itself with your SER server?!
> If that is the case, just rewrite the uri to the aor of the gw (the 
> sip uri it registers with) and then do lookup("location")
> g-)
> Alberto Cruz wrote:
>> Hi guys maybe this have been asked before.
>> I have the following:
>> * I have an ADSL Internet access with a public dynamic IP.
>> * I have a broadband router in order to share the Internet access 
>> using NAT.
>> * I have a VoIP GW that supports register connected behind the NAT.
>> When the GW registers itself SER knows its source IP and UDP port.
>> Does anybody knows how to forward the PSTN calls to the GW when it is 
>> behind a NAT?
>> Regards
>> Alberto Cruz
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