[Serusers] SER with 2 ethernet + PSTN gateway: RTPPROXY bridge mode conf

Fabio Macchi f.macchi at keeptelecom.com
Tue Jul 11 16:21:48 CEST 2006



I'm using SER with nathelper and rtpproxy as a proxy to guard a PSTN gateway
( calls can only be generated by SIP client and terminated to PSTN, no SIP
to SIP or PSTN to SIP calls allowed, REGISTER is not needed ).


PSTN gateway and SER eth0 have pubblic internet IP address ( SER eth0
x.x.x.246,  PSTN gateway with two interfaces, x.x.x.243 for SIP and
x.x.x.244 for RTP ), SER is setted to force rtpproxy for every call and
rtpproxy is started in standard mode: this is running fine, every client
from internet ( behind a NAT box or not ) is able to place calls.


Now the problem is that I need to collect SIP traffic from another non
routable network to the PSTN gateway ( es. )  


I have connected SER interface eth1 to this network ( ip ) and I am
trying to connect to the PSTN from a client in the network SIP
signaling seems to be ok, but I'm unable to setup RTP stream.

With this configuration it appears that RTPproxy try to connect to PSTN
gateway on x.x.x.243 and not x.x.x.244.


I have tryied to set RTP proxy in bridge mode ( rtpproxy -l
x.x.x.246/ ) without succes, but documentation is not very clear
about this case (I think it has been designed for client to client, not
client to PSTNgateway ).




if (dst_ip == x.x.x.246) {         #!! Internet IP address




          } else if (dst_ip == {  #!! Private IP address








Now the question is: what is the correct design to implement this ?


RTPproxy in standard mode ?

RTPproxy in bridge mode ? ( how ??? )

Mediaproxy ?



Any help would be appreciated, many thanks in advance.




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