[Serusers] Open source GSM/CDMA network

Aimable Habiyakare aimabh at mtn.co.rw
Fri Jul 7 13:45:27 CEST 2006

Hi all serusers;

I have been using SER for a couple of years now (from 2004) and I have
been really impressed. It has landed me more than 2 good jobs and when
combined with Asterisk, you ask yourself what Telcos without it do!!!!

Given all SIP related software and ideas that are there, I have been
asking myself this question:

Is it possible to design a GSM/CDMA Base Transceiver Station using
Software Defined Radio (for signal acquisition and processing + some SER

A GSM switch (done through SER and/or Asterisk)

A GSM HLR,(Home Location Register and VLR, supposing that SER with GSM
auth module act as such) which is I think a set of databases and some


This may sound stupid but I thought maybe someone has thought abt sth
like that?

The idea was provoked by these 2 links




what do you think?





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