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ravi reddy mravikreddy at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 09:49:08 CEST 2006

Mr. Greger V.Teigre

      Thanks for your response , when i tried changing line  as
radius_log_flag  the SER is showing there is no module like Radius_log_flag
in acc module but when i keep like radius_flag its showing o.k
but here my doubt is are the accounting messages will log in to radius???
my config file is accepting the radius_missed_flag...
is this setting will log the messages in radacct????

Are you using FreeRadius for accounting ???

waiting for your reply


On 7/4/06, Greger V. Teigre <greger at teigre.com> wrote:
>  "To enable RADIUS accounting simply use radius_log_flag and
> radius_log_missed_flag parameters instead of log_flag and log_missed_flag.
> Mark transactions that should be logged with flags configured in the
> parameters."
> This means that you use modparam to set the flag values for these two and
> then use setflag(yourflag) where you want radius accounting to happen.
> g-)
> ravi reddy wrote:
> Hi SER Users ,
>                  I tried to install SER with basic configurations and also
> with onsip config file with these SER is working pretty good ,Now i want to
> test accounting on radius server i installed Radius server with sql module
> and it is listening on 1813 for accounting , i am using
> radiusclient-ng-0.5.2 and i append dictionary.ser to main dictionary file.
> every thing is o.k
>                     Now , how can I get the accounting details in radius
> server is there any specific configuration to do that ?
> in ser.cfg i make some changes as shown in SER_RADIUS HOW TO's  but i dont
> understand the way to move ...........  :-(
> so any body can please tell me an out line scenario how to send account
> packets to radius server so that i will work on that  ;
>                                 Thanks in Advance
> Regards'
> Ravi.
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