[Serusers] CDRTool + SER/OpenSER

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Sun Jul 2 15:44:43 CEST 2006

Hi Daniel,

You may use your own developed prepaid application in Asterisk /  
SER / OpenSERand obtain the maximum session time from CDRtool rating  
engine. The communication protocol is very simple, you have to call  
via a TCP socket in your b2bua the following function on starting the  

MaxSessionTime From=sip:123 at example.com To=sip:0031650222 at example.com  
Duration=7200 Lock=1\n


DebitBalance From=sip:123 at example.com To=sip:0031650222 Duration=59

after the call has ended. You can see the available commands in the  
rating engine by connecting to it and issuing the help command:

The modus operandi is described at http://cdrtool.ag-projects.com/ 

If you implement such prepaid application you can check how it may  
integrated with CDRTool at


The siptrace module has been developed and tested only on OpenSER.  
The siptrace module is available now in CVS head and will be soon  
available in the next stable release of OpenSER.



I'm evaluating the option of installing SER or OpenSER in my Asterisk
environment along with FreeRadius and CDRTool. All this for both
prepaid and postpaid applications.

While reading the CDRTool README.txt file, I came across this text:

"CDRTool makes rating functions available via the network so that you
can use
CDRTool rating engine for postpaid application or in combination with
third-party B2BUAs for prepaid applications. The functions are
available via
TCP/IP network socket or as SOAP/XML webservice. A Call control
module in
OpenSER can perform the prepaid function based on money credit and
rating per


"CDRTool allows real-time web access to Call Details Records like the
tickets generated by SIP Express Router. The information can be combined
with media information from MediaProxy while a separate OpenSER
module can
display full traces of all SIP packets the enter and exit the SIP Proxy.
CDRs can be filtered and statistics can be built in real-time to
service usage based on various criteria."

Does this mean that these features are ONLY available to OpenSER and
not both SER and OpenSER?

Also, for prepaid application I was thinking of using the Asterisk
B2BUA tool along with other features like Codec translations. Can
anyone comment on this?


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