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just to make sure - openser is only transaction stateful (not call
stateful). This it can handle unlimited number of calls concurrently. The
limits are the transactions (call setup). Thus, the number of concurrent
call setups is limited. IMO 60 call setups per second is fine. If you want
to increase it more, you may tune the routing logic.

1. Use the default config script (there is almost no routing logic and no
DB queries involved) to test the "maximum number" of call limits on this

2. Use your routing logic. Try to have as less blocking commands as
possible (= DB queries, Radius queries). Also slow DNS can result in a
slow openser. You can also try to increase the number of the childrens to
enable more paraller transaction processing.


PS: Please let us know about your results.

On Fri, July 21, 2006 3:40, unplug said:
> Hi,
>   I would like to know the typical design to use openser in order to
> increase the performance.  Since openser is a proxy server and it can
> be used together with another sip server to provide more function such
> as asterisk.  As I have tested using sipp in a normal PC, only openser
> can handle about 60 concurrent calls.  I have no idea where is the
> bottleneck.  I have searched that someone will use openser with
> asterisk to provide a complete (nearly) solution in voip system.  I
> want to have more information about that combination, such as the
> design, performance after integration, etc.  Does anyone can give me
> some idea if you are using such combination?
> unplug
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