[Users] Please help for TLS testing..

Ferianto siregar ferianto_voip at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 21 05:40:22 CEST 2006

Dear all,
  First of all I would like to say thanks to all of you who has given me some helps and suggestions to solve my problem in configuring my openser system. Thank you very much.
  I have some questions in configuring the TLS now, I do hope anybody can help me. These are the questions:
  1. Now, I try to configure the openser system for using the TLS. So, as Klaus Darilion said before, I must configure openser.cfg file first. So, I uncomment (enable) the TLS by deleting "#" in openser.cfg file. After that, I try to restart the openser again. But, when I run it again (after restarting), I get 3 error messages. Here are the error message:
       [root at localhost openser]# openser restart
                        0(5783) parse error (27,12-13): parse error
                        0(5783) parse error (27,12-13): unknown config variable
                        0(5783) parse error (27,14-15):
                         ERROR: bad config file (3 errors)
                        0(5783) destroy_tls: Entered
                        0(5783) shm_mem_destroy
                        [root at localhost openser]#
  As I see, the error is at line 27. I see that it contain  "tls_verify=1" and "tls_require_certificate=0". I don`t know what is wrong with this line because As I see from all mailinglist`s messages, they didn`t change this line and if they change it, they just change the value, for example :
     tls_verify = on
     tls_require_certificate = on
  I have tried this effort, but I get the same error message.
  Does anybody can give me a suggestion what sould i do? Please...
  2. If the error can be solved, how can I test my TLS configuration? I mean how I can test whether it can run correctly ( It can secure the communication system in openser)?
  Please help me..I do hope anyone can help me to solve this problem. Thank you.
  Regards with cheers,

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