[Users] Out of Memory

Marcos Hack marcosh at voicetechnology.com.br
Fri Jul 21 05:08:38 CEST 2006

After a lot of tests I have discovered that the problem is in nathelper 

When using this module the process alloc all available pkg memory 
calling function build_req_buf_from_sip_req() from msg_translator.c as 
you can see in debug info at [1].

Is this a memory leak in nathelper module?

Somebody can help me with this problem?

[1] http://vorigon.com/mhack/openser/20060720-1744/mem_dbg.tar.gz

Marcos Hack wrote:
> Hi Bogdan.
> I have the same problem as Douglas, but to apply resolve.c patch don't 
> solve the problem. I'm using version 1.1.0.
> Memory debug info is available at http://vorigon.com/mhack/openser/ the 
> problem occur only in threads 23208, 23209, 23210 and 23211.
> I stopped the load during 1 hour but when I restarted the problem came 
> back to happen in the same threads.
> My configuration file is in the same location.

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