[Users] Re: SER/OpenSER + Asterisk Voicemail

Daniel-Constantin Mierla daniel at voice-system.ro
Wed Jul 19 11:44:12 CEST 2006

To rewrite the username part of r-uri you have to use 
avp_pushto("$ruti/username", "..."), not avp_write(). See:


If you start new deplyment, consider v1.1.0, it has more features.


On 07/19/06 03:31, Marc Lewis wrote:
> I've got OpenSER 1.0.1 working very well taking care of SIP UA's and
> have them going into asterisk voicemail correctly using Asterisk Realtime
> and MySQL 5.0 views.
> To ease our customers into this and give them a signle sign-on for all of
> the services we offer, we're using their username/email address on our main
> system.  This gives them a single username/password combination for their
> POP email, DSL connection, webmail access, Jabber services and (soon) SIP
> services.
> My problem is this:  Its no problem getting Asterisk to accept an
> alphanumeric mailbox for storing the user's voicemail.  The problem is when
> they want to access it.  If they're on a Linksys or Grandstream ATA and
> want to dial into their voicemail, it prompts them for their mailbox
> number.  If their mailbox number is alphanumeric there is no way for them
> to enter that and they won't be able to get at their voicemail.
> What I would like to do is assign a mailbox number that is equal to their
> "primary" phone number.  This can be stored in the usr_preferences table as
> an AVP.  What I haven't figured out yet is how to rewrite that RURI before
> it sends it off to the asterisk server for voicemail.  By doing this, we
> could use alphanumeric SIP logins, and then phone numbers for voicemail
> boxes.
> Given this configuration, how would I rewrite the user?
> I've tried:
>   modparam("avpops", "avp_aliases", "mailboxuser=s:801")
> And then:
>     avp_write("$ruri/username", "s:mailboxuser/g");
>     rewritehostport("");
>     append_branch();
> But the user never changes.  I've tried various things with rewriteuser and
> AVP's but haven't had any success so far.
> The usr_preferences row looks like this:
> +------+----------+--------+-----------+------+------------+
> | uuid | username | domain | attribute | type | value      |
> +------+----------+--------+-----------+------+------------+
> |      | sipuser  |        | 801       |    0 | 4255551212 |
> +------+----------+--------+-----------+------+------------+
> Anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this problem?
> Thanks.
>  - Marc

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