[Users] 477 or 503 in sl_reply_error()

Taisto Qvist taisto.qvist at ip-solutions.se
Tue Jul 18 17:03:49 CEST 2006

Hi folks,

I am wondering under what circumstances that openser will generate its
default "477" error response.

I'm still a newbie on the OpenSER software so I hope I am not just
missing some configuration issues.

It seems like its(the 477 responsecode) is for instance used when
transaction layer didnt manage to send the request, and I am a bit
puzzled why the 477 responsecode is used.

According to the rfc, I believe "408 Timeout" would be more correct
on generic transaction timeouts, and on fatal transport errors,
like tcp-reset, I believe 503 is the accurate responsecode.


Taisto Qvist
IP Solutions

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