[Users] Sip infrastructure questions

Daniel-Constantin Mierla daniel at voice-system.ro
Fri Jul 7 10:20:18 CEST 2006

On 07/04/06 18:35, Damien MERENNE wrote:
> Hello,
> First, thanks to the developer of the openser software for their
> work. I will appreciate it when my configuration will be working ;)
> I would like to configure sip on my server but I'm a bit lost.
> I've installed openser on it but I cannot have it to do what 
> I want to do.
> So this is what I want to do:
> - I own a virtual server which host my domain cosinux.org . I would
> like to create myself a sip address dam at cosinux.org.
> - I would like to be able to send/receive sip call at that address
>   from work. My work network is firewalled, however, I have a vtun
>   tunnel with my server.
> - I would like to be able to send/receive sip call at that address
>   from home. I have dsl at home and I can configure nat as I want to
>   (port forwarding for example).
> >From what I understand, openser is used as registrar. It means
> my sip client connects to it, tells him that dam at cosinux.org is online
> and openser then redirects call to my client. This will work from
> my home network if I configure nat correctly.
> For my work network, I need a sip proxy so that each packet is routed
> by my server to my client, because others sip user agent cannot see
> my IP address.
> If I am right, what I have to do is
> - install openser on my server and tell him to handle cosinux.org
>   sip address.
> - install mediaproxy to relay the sip connection from my work.
> So, does this seem sensible ? Am I doing something wrong or missing
> something ?
indeed, when you deal with NAT, then you have to use openser together 
with a NAT traversal solution: nathelper/rtpproxy or 
mediaproxy/mediaproxy relay.


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