[Users] Sip infrastructure questions

Damien MERENNE dam at cosinux.org
Tue Jul 4 17:35:39 CEST 2006


First, thanks to the developer of the openser software for their
work. I will appreciate it when my configuration will be working ;)

I would like to configure sip on my server but I'm a bit lost.
I've installed openser on it but I cannot have it to do what 
I want to do.

So this is what I want to do:

- I own a virtual server which host my domain cosinux.org . I would
like to create myself a sip address dam at cosinux.org.

- I would like to be able to send/receive sip call at that address
  from work. My work network is firewalled, however, I have a vtun
  tunnel with my server.
- I would like to be able to send/receive sip call at that address
  from home. I have dsl at home and I can configure nat as I want to
  (port forwarding for example).
>From what I understand, openser is used as registrar. It means
my sip client connects to it, tells him that dam at cosinux.org is online
and openser then redirects call to my client. This will work from
my home network if I configure nat correctly.

For my work network, I need a sip proxy so that each packet is routed
by my server to my client, because others sip user agent cannot see
my IP address.

If I am right, what I have to do is

- install openser on my server and tell him to handle cosinux.org
  sip address.
- install mediaproxy to relay the sip connection from my work.

So, does this seem sensible ? Am I doing something wrong or missing
something ?

Please CC me as I'm not suscribed to the list.

Thank you very much,


Damien MERENNE   <dam at cosinux.org>

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