[Users] How can i do accounting in such case

tele tele at plexia.com
Wed Jul 5 09:33:25 CEST 2006

Hi all,

In the traditional telephony who owned the call is the caller and is it
possible for the caller to change the thorn without lost conversation
but after 60sec if the call doesn't live, the central of caller
disconnect the call.

My test:

I call from my UA to PSTN and during the call i disconnect my UA from IP
connection. in my ethereal i can see now only RTP traffic from PSTN try
to reach my UA, but after minutes nothing happen.
note that i'm not using an rtpproxy right now. maybe with an rtpproxy it
works and disconnect the call.

my question is how can i generate accounting for the call if my UA
disconnect the ethernet cable?

the rtpproxy disconnect the call and generate the BYE for the accounting
of the call. is it correct? hmm with a b2bua i can solve this issue but
if i can do this only with openser is more better.

anyone incurred if this kind of issue?


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