[Serusers] Creating CDRs from SERs accouning records

Erik erik at infopact.nl
Thu Dec 1 15:52:38 CET 2005

Andres wrote:
> Erik wrote:
>> That perl script gives me calls with negative duration :), is there
>> any way to differenciate different calls from the acc table? I noticed
>> that the
>> sip_callid is NOT unique to 1 call, a concat(from_tag, to_tag) isnt't
>> unique for 1 call either, this realy makes normalising them a lot harder.
>> Kind regards,
>> Erik
> I thing I remember somebody complaining about Grandstream phones
> repeating the sip_callid.  Is that your case?  In our case we only use
> Cisco/Linksys stuff and they never appear to repeat the sip_callid.
> Just one quick note on the script.  That one is to be run once a day
> when there is no traffic since the last thing it does is a cleanup of
> the acc table.

I just found out the hard way :) However, we do traffic 24x7

  You can remove that cleanup line and just run the script
> every minute to reduce the chance of duplicate sip_callid.  Unless of
> course you have simultaneus calls with same sip_callid which is probably
> due to a bug in the UA.  Maybe the random string it is choosing is not
> so random after all.

It seems to be random, however it looks like it's starting with the same seed if it's restarted :)
> Andres.

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