AW: [Serusers] Support for multiple PSTN Gateways (hunting, crank back)

Juha Heinanen jh at
Wed Aug 31 19:17:55 CEST 2005

Frank Fischer writes:

 > As far as i understand from your README in the cvs, the module is a least
 > cost routing module that might be "a little bit mis-used" to support a kind
 > of failover line hunting/gateway hunting. I would have to put all my
 > gateways into one group (as long as they have the same gateway parameter
 > like destinations and so on). Do i get this right?

no, if you want to select the order in which the gws are applied, each
of them has to belong in its own group.  read readme file carefully and
if things are not clear, read the code and submit a patch to readme.

-- juha

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