[Serusers] Routing - Looking up database table for subscriber accounts not registered at the moment

Frank Fischer frank.fischer at digitalnomads.ch
Tue Aug 30 15:17:21 CEST 2005

Hi all
i just started working with SIP and i'm currently trying to implement the
routing logic as needed in my setup. Doing this i came across a requirement
i couldn't find a solution for. Maybe someone of you may help me?
I have the following situation: I have users with (only) e164Numbers as
usernames in my SIP domain and i have a PSTN Gateway behind which i may
reach also e164Numbers. Now, i have a subscriber base in my domain where not
all of the subscribers with a e164Number may be registered at a certain
moment (but still have a valid account and phonenumber). When i get a call
at such a moment, i will try to look up the callee username in the location
database. If i find one, fine. If not, there are two possibilities left -
first, it could be a user only reachable in the pstn, so route to the pstn
gateway or second it might be a user in my domain with a valid account but
not registered at the moment, so reject or redirect to a voicemail or what
If I would work with alphanumerical numbers only within my SIP cloud, i knew
how this could be done - all numerical numbers automatically would be PSTN
numbers. But how can this be done in my setup?
Thanks a lot for your help and kind Regards
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