[Serusers] Routing multiple numbers to 1 account

Erik Versaevel erik at infopact.nl
Wed Aug 24 22:51:49 CEST 2005


What exactly do you replace in this case? what i need to do is the

user sip_user registers his contact in ser (ie sip_user at

SER recieves invite for 5551234 at mysipserver.com, makes a lookup in a db
table, finds that 5551234 at mysipserver.com belongs to sip_user and
forwards the message to 5551234 at (not sip_user at

    avp_pushto("$ruri/username", "s:callee_vdid");
looks like you replace the username part of the request uri (in this
case 5551234 at mysipserver.com) with something else (which is what i kinda
want to do),

Kind regards,


Chris St Denis wrote:

>I am doing this by pulling the translation out of a database using radius
>AVP (could be done direct to database too) and sticking it as the
>It looks like this
>	  # Try to lookup the number directly registered.
>        if(!lookup("ser_location")) {
>		#Number isn't found, so try to do an avp translation on it
>            avp_pushto("$ruri/username", "s:callee_vdid");
>            if(!lookup("ser_location")) { #Look up the new value
>			#Still can't find the user. Give up.
>                    sl_send_reply("404", "I can't find 'em");
>                    break;
>            }
>        }
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>Hello all,
>At this moment i'm using the full e164 numbers as account's in ser, that
>is for every number someone wants delivered to them they would have to
>register it using the account details.
>This however poses a problem with a 100 bock of numbers for example
>while a device can only register a few of them so what i would like to
>do is mimic the asterisk like dial(SIP/number at sipppeer) in SER. That way
>the devices only has to register once and recieves the number dialed in
>the incomming INVITE.  If i use aliases to alias numbers to 1 account
>the account allways recieves it's own registered contact instead of the
>number dialed, is there any way to support number blocks in this way?
>For example:
>Device registeres as device_1 at sipserver with contact device_1 at device_ip:port
>SER gets invite for number in the block of device_1 and sends the invite
>as dialed_number at device_ip:port instead of device_1 at device_ip:port
>Kind reagards,
>Erik Versaevel
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