[Serusers] Routing multiple numbers to 1 account

Chris St Denis chris at aebc.com
Wed Aug 24 19:25:47 CEST 2005

I am doing this by pulling the translation out of a database using radius
AVP (could be done direct to database too) and sticking it as the

It looks like this

	  # Try to lookup the number directly registered.
        if(!lookup("ser_location")) {
		#Number isn't found, so try to do an avp translation on it
            avp_pushto("$ruri/username", "s:callee_vdid");
            if(!lookup("ser_location")) { #Look up the new value
			#Still can't find the user. Give up.
                    sl_send_reply("404", "I can't find 'em");

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Hello all,

At this moment i'm using the full e164 numbers as account's in ser, that
is for every number someone wants delivered to them they would have to
register it using the account details.
This however poses a problem with a 100 bock of numbers for example
while a device can only register a few of them so what i would like to
do is mimic the asterisk like dial(SIP/number at sipppeer) in SER. That way
the devices only has to register once and recieves the number dialed in
the incomming INVITE.  If i use aliases to alias numbers to 1 account
the account allways recieves it's own registered contact instead of the
number dialed, is there any way to support number blocks in this way?

For example:
Device registeres as device_1 at sipserver with contact device_1 at device_ip:port
SER gets invite for number in the block of device_1 and sends the invite
as dialed_number at device_ip:port instead of device_1 at device_ip:port

Kind reagards,

Erik Versaevel

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