[Serusers] ser+mediaproxy behind nat

jeff kwong kwongfucius at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 03:30:01 CEST 2005

Hi Greger,
Thanks for helping me out. I followed your advises and I have now a
working SER and Asterisk PSTN GW on public.Its a lot simpler to
implement it that way =D.

Thanks again,

On 8/19/05, Greger V. Teigre <greger at teigre.com> wrote:
> > I am currently trying out the examples from the Getting Started manual
> > version 04a from Onsip.org. The reference design there shows that SER
> > itself is nated.
> That's correct. However, you are better off with SER on a public IP if you
> primarily serve external clients. If SER is NATed, you need to make sure
> that the public IP of SER is advertised (_port and _ip) and that the public
> IP is used in record_route_preset(). Of course, you also need to do static
> mapping on the NAT in front of SER to forward port 5060 to the inside
> address. I recently posted a more thorough explanation of this.
> > My question is how will a UA from the public internet
> > or somewhere outside the SER's nat register with the SIP server? Will
> > I put the SER's nat public ip as the sip proxy and do I have to set
> > some kind of port forwarding on the SER's nat?
> Yes.
> > Also, doesn't
> > mediaproxy have to listen on a public ip?
> Yes. This is described in the document and thoroughly documented in
> mediaproxy's README files.
> g-)

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