[Serusers] cancal

Sebastian Kühner skuehner at veraza.com
Wed Aug 17 20:01:07 CEST 2005


I'm using ser to forward to PSTN Gatways.

Before the t_relay I put the command:


So, after a timeout ser goes to:

failure_route[2] {
    log (1, "next gateway...\n");
    if (t_check_status("408|500|503"))
        if (!next_gw())
            t_reply("503", "Service not available, no more gateways");
    log (1, "gateway changed...\n");

This is working very good... if the user doesn't make a hangup.

If caller hangs up, the CANCEL hits SER and the call is cleanly terminated.
SER however continues to failure_route after timeout of the initial
INVITE... ser sends out a new INVITE message to another PSTN-Server... and
the phone rings (with nobody in the line)

Many thanks for your help!


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