[Serusers] how to use asterisk as pstn gateway?

Iqbal iqbal at gigo.co.uk
Tue Aug 16 13:16:29 CEST 2005


I think it can work but both my systems are on public. You can use pstn 
gateway without a DB, in fact if you only have one gateway you can just 
connect direct to it, via you digium interface.

The problem you will face are connecting ser to asterisk, and then 
deciding what should do what, I have asterisk doing all my call pickups 
etc, meetme and all, including voicemail, but since asterisk can also do 
transfers, and routing to other numbers, and so can ser, its can get a 
bit scary.

Also when you have the pbx you wil decide to have another numbering 
scheme, like 3 digit internal extensions, these will need to be done in 
asterisk, and mapped in asterisk, cause in asterisk you can have the 
same extension for diff "companies", I couldn't see howto do that in SER.


jeff kwong wrote:

>Thanks Iqbal. I got some Digium cards now and I was able to make the
>asterisk work as a simple pbx. I'll be going to try it out now as a
>pstn gateway with SER. Though Im not sure if what I have in mind can
>work. My ser is on the public domain (that is it has a public ip) and
>my asterisk/pstsn gateway is inside the nat network. From the
>experience of users here, can this kind of setup work?Btw I have my
>nat sip aware. Also can I implement the pstn gateway without using any
>database like mysql or postgre?
>Feel free anyone to reply.

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