[Serusers] Distributing "OSP enable SER" binary file w/ source

Jan Janak jan at iptel.org
Fri Aug 12 22:14:41 CEST 2005

On 12-08-2005 19:47, vmathur at transnexus.com wrote:
> Hi Jan,
> This sounds good. I have another question: How do you deal with dependencies on external libraries. Do you store the libraries in CVS? For the OSP module, the toolkit library is required, and I am wondering what is the best way of providing it to the users.

  No, it is enough if you mention in the documentation that the
  module requrires external libraries and where to get it from. This is
  same as for other libraries, such as mysql.

> Also, does IPTell or anyone else distribute pre-compiled versions of SER? I am trying to explore the possiblities of distributing a OSP enabled version of SER for those who dont want to go through the trouble of compiling the OSP library.

  Yes, we provide binary tarballs and binary packages. In case of binary
  packages we even have our own repositories for Redhat and Debian
  distributions (so if you create packages of the library then you could
  put it there).


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