[Serusers] starting and stopping ser

Marc Khayat marc at globalcarrier.net
Tue Aug 9 18:05:58 CEST 2005

Mr Jan Janak helped me out on this:
Use the init.d scripts (usually /etc/rc.d/init.d/ser in RedHat). So u can do: 
/etc/rc.d/init.d/ser start|stop|restart


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    In my case also, using "serctl stop", gave the error ""pid file cannot
be found....blah blah". And killing all running ser forked processes one by
one is cumbersome.
So the method I m using for the time being till I get a nice solutions is
use the command "killall /usr/local/sbin/ser" , i.e the killall command is
followed by the prog name along with the full path or the prog name only,
depending upon where in the filesys you are standing right now.

I also found  the following commands to be usful when viewing running ser
-ps -auxmchf | grep ser
-pstree -Gpn | grep ser     : shows ser heirachy wise, (father and sons)


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Hi List ,

This is my first install and use of ser so please bear with me.

I've installed ser 0.9.3 ( Linux i386 ) binary.
Started and stopped ser with the default ser.cfg - fine.
Amended ser.cfg to load mysql.so auth and auth_db modules as per standard

Mysql version is 4.0.18.
I used  'mysql_sh' script to create default ser database and ser , serro
users in mysql with default password.
Checked that 'admin' user also setup on ser database with default password.
Have set debug level 7 in ser.cfg to follow what goes on.

Logged in as normal user and then su as root

So here goes..

ser start         - this seems to be ok. 
ser stop         - seems to report ser has stopped 
ser start         - connection to already in use message ( ???)

So am I starting and stopping ser incorrectly ?
What's the best way to start and stop ser - in a development environment ?

Any pointers gratefully received.

Hemant Patel
ipwise Ltd

hpatel at ipwise.com
(+44) 0208 2409433

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