[Serusers] forking with SER

davor jovanovic davor.jovanovic at srce.hr
Tue Aug 9 11:37:10 CEST 2005


Using SER and LDAP directory is my next step, because all my users are in
LDAP but I was wondering is it possible extract phone number from alias...

I already checked SER and LADP script from Columbia University, and will try
to implement something like that.


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Andreas Granig wrote:
> davor jovanovic wrote:
>> sip:mister at no.com -> "404 Not Found" -> use aliases -> sip:1234 at no.com 
>> -> t_relay -> GW -> PBX
> Maybe something like that?
> route{
>     ...
>     t_on_failure("1");
>     t_relay();
> }
> failure_route[1]{
>     if(t_check_status("404")){
>         lookup("aliases");
>         rewritehostport("your.gateway", "5060");
>         t_relay();
>     }
> }

If you want to use something external (e.g. LDAP directory
lookup) instead of using aliases, substitute

You will need to write "/your/external/script" to suit your needs.

Nimal R.

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