[Serusers] What is unique to a call in acc database table??

Greg Fausak lgfausak at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 18:37:36 CEST 2005

I didn't think that SER had anything to do with the
origin of the callid, rather, it uses the callid as passed to
it. Any duplication would originate from your UAS/UACs.


On 8/4/05, Eric Haskins <eric at rackspeed.net> wrote:
> We are currently working on our Billing system and I was looking over our
> SER database and noticed sip_callid appeared to be unique to each call but
> when I looked back in the database I saw a bunch that appeared to be the
> same??? They were notify messages is this common or do I have to devise a
> different method?  
> We have the hardest part done that calculates call price by Country Code ,
> City Code, customer assigned rate or default Wholesale/Retail rate.   We had
> it completed when running SanSay Equipment and we were told to make it work
> with SER. 
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