[Serusers] RTPProxy issues with G729 at different frame lengths

Noel Sharpe noels at radnetwork.co.uk
Wed Aug 3 20:39:23 CEST 2005


If I set my UA (which is behind a NAT Firewall) to use 10ms frames with 
the G729 codec, there is one way audio from the UA to the PSTN.  The 
PSTN gateway has a public IP Address.  If I use any other codec (e.g. 
gsm, uLaw) there is no problem - the audio works both ways.  If I use 
G729 with 40ms frames, there is also no issue - it works perfectly.  
Becasue the UA is behind a NAT, I am forcing rtp proxy use, but as this 
works with codecs other than G729 with 10ms frames, I don't think that 
this could be the issue.  My question is anyone else seeing this issue, 
or conversely does anyone else have this working?


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