[Serusers] Xlite not working with SER+SEMS

Stefan Sayer sayer at fokus.fraunhofer.de
Tue Aug 2 14:08:39 CEST 2005


disable "Auto detect IP" in System Settings|Network, which is 
something like xtens version of STUN using http requests to some xten 
server. Or set "send internal IP" on that account. otherwise the 
advertised ip address might be the public one of your internet gw.


Pat wang wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> Thanks for your reply. Actually the Xlite was in the same LAN as 
> SER/SEMS when I met that problem. Yes, following what you said I noticed 
> the ICMP unreachable is for the RTCP but not RTP.  I just tried another 
> test by moving Xlite behind a NAT. It works this time.
> I am running SER as root. I'll try to run it on different user then move 
> Xlite back to the same LAN with SER and see what happens. Thanks for you 
> help.
> Pat
>> From: Stefan Sayer <sayer at fokus.fraunhofer.de>
>> To: yu wang <wangyu39 at hotmail.com>
>> CC: serusers at lists.iptel.org
>> Subject: Re: [Serusers] Xlite not working with SER+SEMS
>> Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2005 10:51:23 +0200
>> Hello,
>> usually xlite listens to the rtp port. Are you sure that the ICMP 
>> messages come from the client and you set up the firewall on the 
>> client correctly?
>> sems does not support rtcp, so when xlite sends rtcp reports, there is 
>> an icmp coming back from sems to the client.
>> If you look at sems log you can see whether the icmp watcher ends the 
>> session, if this is the case try starting sems as non root user to 
>> disable the icmp watcher, but i doubt that this will make a difference.
>> Stefan
>> yu wang wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I've been working on conference with Xlite but it is not work. The 
>>> problem is SEMS starts sending media (default wav) back to Xlite once 
>>> SEMS receives the INVITE/SDP from Xlite. It seems a bug on Xlite not 
>>> listening on the media port after sending the INVITE thus it replys 
>>> with ICMP port unreachable. But I don't see anyone complain this on 
>>> this list. Is something wrong with my configuration?
>>> Please please help me.... Thanks,
>>> Pat
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