[Users] AVPops trouble

Martin Kjeldsen martin.kjeldsen at cuatro.dk
Tue Aug 30 12:22:56 CEST 2005


I've been fiddeling with the AVPops module for some time now and havn't 
really gotten it to work as intended. I was hoping that someone out 
there might be able to explain the basics of the module, cause 
apparently I'm misunderstanding it... I think :-)

I having trouble with pulling data from my openser DB with a scheme, and 
then pushing (pushto) it into a request header.

The thing is I cant quite figure out, if I need to store the data I get 
from my scheme or if I can use it directly in a pushto!

I have tried using a scheme:

    modparam("avpops", "db_scheme",         

and then loading and pushing it with:


But this leaves me with no new field in the header, and nothing to show 
for in my MySQL log!

I'm using these additional params for the AVPops:


The avptable is one I've created, since I wasn't sure if it needed to be 
there or not.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated, cause I'm really getting 
stuck here.


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