[Users] avp_write

Daniel-Constantin Mierla daniel at voice-system.ro
Tue Aug 23 16:24:49 CEST 2005

On 08/23/05 10:49, Richard Z wrote:

>>>That's right. If all addresses are in a list of avps, i can use
>>>avp_check to check 'ne' to verify.
>>one more thing - you should check dst_uri and not RURI - RURI may be the
>>private addr when the dst_uri is the public IP.
>I have better understanding of dst_uri and ruri learned from another
>email thread. So for natted UA, dst_uri and ruri are in pairs. Would
>it be useful to save and load both in functions avp_write and
>avp_pushto? That's the problem I ran into at
>http://mail.iptel.org/pipermail/serdev/2005-August/005339.html. I
>tried to send a call to two users by loading both their locations. I
>first change ruri to user 1, lookup, avp_write to save it. Then I
>change ruri to user 2, lookup, avp_write to the same avp. At this
>time, the avp has both users' location. But when I avp_pushto the avp,
>it only load the ruri, not dst_uri. So the natted UA can't receive the
>call. This problem can be solved if avp_write and avp_pushto save/load
>both dst_uri and ruri.
you can backup the dst_uri (via avp_printf() ) but you cannot restore it 
at this moment. avp_pushto() has to be extended to support it. I am 
going to add a few new pseudo-variables in a few days (as discussed on 
the mailing list) and try to update avp_pushto() as well.



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