[Users] ruri, dset, branches ...

Richard Z rzheng at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 22:49:50 CEST 2005

> > Can you please describe the difference of these variables?
> - a branch is an address other than R-URI that should replace R-URI in
> the message in case of parallel or serial forking
> - all branches pseudo-variables is a comma separated list of the
> branches set for the message
> - destination set is the list of all addresses that will be set as R-URI
> for the SIP message (case of serial or parallel forking). This includes
> the R-URI and branches.
> - destination uri is the address where the message is to be sent (the
> outbound proxy, next hop -- if it is not set, then the message is sent
> based on R-URI address). Note that for each branch you can have a uri to
> put as R-URI and an address as dst_uri
> - request uri is the address in the first line of a SIP request, after
> the SIP method ( ;-) )

That brings on another question, what does avp_write($ruri,"i:100")
use after lookup? dst-uri or branches?


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