[Serusers] Rewriting "From" / Setting caller number for PSTN calls

Arnd Vehling av at nethead.de
Sat Feb 28 18:46:23 CET 2004


Jiri Kuthan wrote:
> Use of Remote-Party-ID should solve your problem if I understood it right.
> (append_rpid_hf in auth module).

Ive read the module doc and browsed through the rfc but i couldnt relate
this command to what i wanted to do.

What i want to do is to set the users valid e.164 number as caller-id in
case the user has one, otherwise i would setup a default e.164 number.

I can set a default e.164 number using the pstn gw but i dont see how
i can search the users "alias entries", select the most appropriate
e.164 from it and set it in the sip packet going to the pstn gw so
it will be used as the pstn caller-id for the outgoing call.

Usually a pstn gw will take the "username" from a sip address
(sip:username at domain) and set it as caller-id for an outgoing
call. Reading the rfc i couldnt find any other parameter for
setting it.

The easy solution is to just give a user a an e.164 id as primary
SER login. I.e. "sip:493012345 at myvoip.net" but in case he has
several valid e.164 (as aliases) i would like to set the most
appropriate number for each pstn gw when he calls out there.

Example: If you has an german e.164 number and he uses a german
PSTN gw i would use the german e.164 number and if he dialouts
using an US pstn gw i would like to set the US number if he has

I am prepared to write the appropriate code for this but i want
to make sure that i dont "re-invent the wheel" before i do this.

Did i made myself more clear this time?

-- Arnd

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