[Serusers] Rewriting "From" / Setting caller number for PSTN calls

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Fri Feb 27 22:50:32 CET 2004

At 08:26 PM 2/27/2004, Arnd Vehling wrote:
>with an usuall SER setup a typical user account looks like this:
>Primary sip address: sip:joe at myvoip.net
>Berlin incoming number: sip:493042423 at myvoip.net
>Los Angeles ""        : sip:1310232323 at myvoip.net
>If "joe" now calls out via a PSTN-GW the caller-id which is
>transmitted to the PSNT-GW would be "joe". Now "Joe" is clearly
>alphanumeric and no PSTN-GW (or the PSTN-Switch to which the PSTN-GW
>is connected) will accept "Joe" as caller-id.
>All i can currently do is setting a default callerid on the PSTN-GW
>in case the incoming caller-id isnt valid.
>What i would like to do though is to lookup if a user has an alias
>for a certain region and rewrite the the from line in the sip-packet
>going to the PSTN-GW.
>Example: "Joe" uses the Berlin/german PSTN-GW or dials a german PSTN number. Now i would look into the alias table and search for either an
>alias starting with "49" or "4930" and if one is found set the from
>field to the according alias. In this case "493042423 at myvoip.net".
>This would ensure that, if possible, a matching caller-id would be
>set for every user.
>- "From" line rewriting is not RFC compliant.

That's really not recomendable -- it is a ticket for interop troubles.

>- I dont see any possebility to do this with the stock SER software

Use of Remote-Party-ID should solve your problem if I understood it right.
(append_rpid_hf in auth module).


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