[Serusers] Failure route and time out.

Laurent BURGY burgy at enseirb.fr
Fri Feb 27 12:01:37 CET 2004

In fact, i m running v0.8.12...
I can't find t_check_status  in the tm_module...the exports structure in 
the tm.c file doesn't contain t_check_status...even a *grep* doesn't 
give anything...

I've read the topic about Selective t_on_failure 
In it, a 0.8.13 version is mentionned and the last message specifies 
that this function (t_check_status) works... Is there a new version of  
the tm module ?...

Sorry for all these questions ...

Bogdan-Andrei IANCU wrote:

> Hi Laurent,
> you cab check the reply code directly from failure/reply_route by 
> using t_check_status("regular_expression") - it's exported by TM 
> module; the function returns true if the reply code match the given 
> regular expression.
> The only issue it's you cannot make distinction between local 
> generated timeouts or downstream timeouts.
> Regards,
> Bogdan
> Laurent BURGY wrote:
>> Hi,
>>    I want to know if i can see in the ser.cfg why the execution goes 
>> in a failure route ( to differentiate a negative reply and a timer 
>> hits) in order to perform reply processing...
>>    I didn't see ( or understand ) how to do this....I don't think 
>> that you can parse the reply to see the return code...
>>    The only way i see right now is to build a module and register to 
>> the TMCB_ON_FAILURE event to see if there is a FAKED_REPLY ( but i 
>> don't know if this callback can pass this value) but maybe there is 
>> an easier way...
>>    I need some help
>> thx
>> Laurent
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