[Serusers] SER + SEMS

Kapil Dhawan sersavvy at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 24 08:29:16 CET 2004

Hi All...

i am running SER perfectly....Now i am facing problem with running SEMS....

i have tried SER 0.8.12(current sems cvs update ) and 0.8.11(sems 0.11) i am 
unable to do anything....

whats happening is....

my SER is already installed.....and working...now i am compiling it with vm 
module and making Multi Domain off (in 0.8.11) and its off in 0.8.12 as it 
depends upon domain module there....so no problem with multidomain 
support...so it works fine...following is the code of ser.cfg

                if(method=="ACK" || method=="INVITE" || method=="BYE"){
                  if (!t_newtran()) {
                    log("could not create new transaction\n");
                    sl_send_reply("500","could not create new transaction");

                if(!vm("/tmp/am_fifo", "voicemail")){

                if (!uri==myself) {
                        append_hf("P-hint: outbound alias\r\n");

                # native SIP destinations are handled using our USRLOC DB
                if (!lookup("location")) {
                        sl_send_reply("404", "Not Found");

Next....is i am compiling current version of sems...from cvs with following 

CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous at cvs.berlios.de:/cvsroot/sems
export CVSROOT
cvs co answer_machine

now it also gets compiled with one or two erros of audio file paths 
etc...which i corrected in /etc/sems/sems.conf and enaled voicemail module 
in it..

Now when i run it sems -D 3 -E

it shows me sems started successsfully.....but when i try and give a call so 
that it shud be transfered to voicemail...in sems log i see ## Wrong FIFO 
Interface version ##

due to which ...my wav file which is getting stored in /tmp folder is having 
44 bytes size always...i know there is version conflict...but i am unable to 
get proper matching versions of both.............

kidly help me out...if u need i can attach any more info too...


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