[Serusers] Regarding SIP Call Statistics

Balaji Bapulal Thoguluva bbthog2 at uky.edu
Tue Feb 24 00:05:58 CET 2004

     I am a graduate student pursuing Master in Computer Science at University of Kentucky. As part of my Master's project, I am in the process of developing a 'SIPTrace' like software (similar to TCPTrace) that gives a summary of SIP Call Connection Information like 
1. Caller Lineno, IP Address 
2. Callee Lineno, IP Address 
3. Connection : Success/Failure 
4. Connection Success: Report 
         a. Who Hungup the call (who said BYE first)
         b. Talktime 
         c. Codec Used in the call
         d. Average Call Setup Time, Termination time
         e. Average Call Talktime

5. Connection Failure:
         a. Report SIP Response Code and Phrase
6. Longest/Shortest SIP Call Talktime in a group of SIP calls
I would like to know what other important "statistical data" (like the above) I can produce as output. I am interested to produce statistical Information like TCPTrace output. I would like to produce any useful Information at SIP Call Level.

I would appreciate your expertise in SIP. Your Ideas and Suggestion will be of great help to me.
Thanks in Advance,

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