[Serusers] MSN ...

'Jan Janak' jan at iptel.org
Mon Feb 16 14:45:16 CET 2004

On 16-02 13:12, Harry Behrens wrote:
> Because interoperability with MS is an important issue, that`s why.
> Whether they are compatible to RFCXXXX is secondary, MS-compatible is -
> whether one likes it or not - just as important as standard-compliance.

  With this kind of attitude we would end up with MSSIP which would be
  incompatible with everything else, even different versions of their
  software. Is that what you want ?

  Just try to send an IM from WM 5.0 to WM 4.7.

  I have no problem with extending ser to support their extensions as
  long as:

  1) It does not affect the standard compliance and interoperability of
  2) Someone else is going to implement it and will take care of it.

> And like Atle says, people have done it before in the IM world - out of
> exactly those reasons.
> In case anybody is interested in actually doing this, we could probably
> contribute to some degree. We always have requests for
> precisely this interoperability - as has this mailing list.

  As I said, somebody else would have to contribute this.

> One has to be pragmatic in designing a product - rather than just being
> "right",

  One has to be pragmatic and resist the temptation to blindly implement
  proprietary extensions of one big vendor who will sooner or later
  change his implementation anyway.


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